Friday, August 29, 2014

Color Story Friday

Welcome to week 3 of "Color Story Friday" . this week's colors some from a beautiful hydrangea that I photographed at the Atlanta Zoo. It was in the shade so the colors are muted and calming. I really love the olive greens and the blue grays of this flower. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and leave me a comment below and let me know what colors inspire you.  Remember to come back next Friday for another installment of "Color Story Friday"  

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Global Talent Search

Here is what I submitted for the Global Talent Search. There was 999 entries and here are the top 50 moved on to the next round. I just wanted to share my submission now that the gallery has gone live. Mine is featured on this page of the gallery

Friday, August 22, 2014

Color Story Friday

Welcome to week 2 of "Color Story Friday" . This week's color story is a tribute to the colors of summer. When I think is summer I think is water. These image is a beautiful lighted water fountain and the colors are just stunning. I hope the you have a wonderful weekend and I would love to know what colors that you are inspired by today. Just leave a comment below.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Summer School Experience

I started this summer on a very sad note. My dad passed away on Memorial Day. He had only been sick for less than a year and I had been taking care of him every day for 7 months. He always taught me to never stop learning and always look out for something new to learn. He was also a big supporter of my dreams and believed in me. So I have taken the time this summer to learn a few new things to help me with my Art business. I just want to share a few of the classes and art helps that I have used to learn something new this summer.

I joined the Make It In Design Summer School and I have been really working hard on the assignments for each section. These are the patterns that I created for the second brief.
This is the beginner brief 2, Tribal Shapes
This was a fun assignment. my inspiration for this print was a Tiki.

This is the intermediate brief 2, Animal Prints. 
We were given a color palette to work with and so I had a hard time with this one. I combined different sizes of zebra prints for this one and I think it looks like either shredded wheat cereal or pop tarts. 

This is the advance brief 2: tribal collage. Again we were given a color palette to use and so this is what I can up with for this submission. 

I also signed up for the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. This project really really made me stretch and I likes doing the project and I have a great piece for my portfolio and I will share it once the gallery goes live on the 26th. 

Another class that I took and I really know that I learned so much from it and I will say if you want to learn Adobe Illustrator than you need to take this class. It is Design Surface Patterns From Scratch with Bonnie Christine. This class really helped me to hone my skills and be able to work fast and more effective with the program. I can't recommend this class enough. I have really used the tips to make my workflow so much smoother. Bonnie also has a great blog Going Home To Roost that you can learn more about her. 
Here is some of the  patterns that I have created with what I learned from this class. 

I have used the patterns to create a new digital scrapbook kit  "Faith Hope and Love" that is now available for purchase in my Etsy shop. 

Here are the other elements that coordinate with these designs
I also created a few solid color papers to finish this kit off.. 

You can also find me on the Martha Stewart Living American Made Awards  If you have time please go visit and share the profile on your facebook and twitter to help me win one of  200 wild-card finalist spots for grand-prize consideration.

Martha Stewart - American Made 2014 - Nominee Badge

Monday, August 18, 2014

New Print on My Society6

My newest collection is available in my Society6 shop
It is called Faith, Hope, and Love. You can purchase it on phone cases, art prints, framed art prints, note cards and mugs. Later this week it will be available as shower curtains, duvet covers, and rugs

Friday, August 15, 2014

Color Story Friday

I am going to start a new series this week. I am calling it color story Friday. Each Friday I will post a new picture that I have used to create a color palette. I hope you enjoy these color stories. They are for personal use only. Please do not use my color palettes for commercial work.

This is a flower from my garden. I really love the pinks and I think that this color story is a great one to transition into fall. I also think that I could see using some of the colors for Christmas images and collections.
What colors are you inspired by today? Leave a comment below and I will try to create a color story with some of the suggestions over the following weeks.  
If you would like to learn to create your own color story check out this post by Bonnie Christine of Going Home To Roost. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday Tips: Recycled Canvas

Today I want to tell you about my recycled canvases. 

The supplies you will need are: 
Cardboard box (cut down to the size you prefer, I use 7x9)
Thin Cotton Fabric

  1. Cut your fabric about 1 inch on all sides bigger than your board,
  2. Cover the board with Decou-Page and press the fabric on the board.
  3. Wrap the overlap fabric to the back and adhere with the Decou-Page.
  4. Let dry for about 10 min
  5. Add a layer of Gesso that is thick enough to hold a texture. 

I added scrap pieces of fabric to this board while the Gesso was wet, just by pressing it into the wet Gesso. Once the board is dry, about 4 hours (or you can use a heat gun and dry it a little faster) this board is ready to use like any other canvas. 

On this canvas I used the New DecoArt Media Paints. I really love the transparency of these paints. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Make It In Design Summer School

Last week was spent playing with pattern and creating mock-ups for the Make It In Design Summer School. 
I wanted to share what I have been working on today. 
This design took a while but I really like how it turned out. I created on the image and then changed the scale just a bit to create and overall pattern that I felt fit the requirements. 

This one took me a lot longer than any of the other assignments. I couldn't decide on just one pattern so I ended up with three and and created these mock-ups to go along with it. 

I have been working on a few other projects but can't share them just now. Really excited when I can. 
I also created a new portfolio site with a bunch of my designs. You can check it out here.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014


From now until Midnight EST Sunday, August 3, 2014 you can use coupon code "ANNIVERSARY" to get free US shipping off your entire order in my Etsy Shop 

I'm in for the long haul.

I am taking part in the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. I am really looking forward to working my way through the projects and I will be sharing my work as I go. 

I am also apart of the Make It In Design Summer School.

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