Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Coloring Pages Coming Soon

I am working on a couple of collections of coloring pages for the Etsy Shop. I will post an update as soon as these go live. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

We are Building a Yurt

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I am so excited to tell everyone of you about our new home. We will be building a yurt and I will be sharing the progress here with tips and tricks that we learn along the way. This is an exciting journey that our family is embarking on and I can wait to start this new adventure. 

Here is a little background for you. 
A few years ago I was working on a property to turn it into a multi-use facility and we were exploring the options for cabins and I found the yurt idea. They were just catching on in the Georgia State Parks and I thought this would be the perfect low cost option to build a cabin. 

Well I really loved the idea of what a yurt could be and how easy they can be adapted for many uses.
I researched various different manufactures and came across Pacific Yurts. They are the supplier for the Georgia State Parks and their quality materials is what sold me.

Some companies might have a base price that is just a little bit lower than others but you should really do your homework and make sure what is included in that price.

The cost of the Pacific Yurts is really the best value on the market because of what is considered standard, (some manufactures only provide the door frames without the door in their base price) so it is very tricky to navigate the market without doing complete research.

The customer service that I have received from Pacific Yurts has been great. through the whole process I have only worked with one person not being bumped around to a lot of different people and I really like this because it gave a consistency to the service that was provided.

I will be posting more as we go along including the floor plan that we will be using to complete the inside of the yurt.

I would recommend going the way that we have a have your yurt fully permitted. It might sound scary to go to planning and zoning for something like this but it is well worth it in the long run because you will have nothing to worry about once it has been inspected and installed. I have just read about a person who is having to take theirs down and sell it because they didn't get it permitted and were told that it didn't meet code. I would also like to say that even if they look at you strange when you tell them you want to build a yurt, most of the time they will be fine with just a little bit of education so go in with the mindset of education not confrontation.

See you soon with more about how we are building a yurt. The Social Media Hashtag for the project is #TheCannonsBuildAFarm

Monday, June 1, 2015

Farm update

The driveway has been cut. Now to get the culvert put in. This is very exciting, and is just another step in the process. 

Our goats are no living on the farm. They are in a moveable pen so that they are helping us to clean up some of the brush areas that are toward the back of the property. 

The art studio/farm office building has been installed and now is just waiting for the porch to be added to it. This space will also be a small studio shop where classes will be held. 

Out horse are really getting used to being on a larger space. All we have left for this is to finish the second pasture area that will give them another 3 acre pasture. So they will have a full 6 acres to graze on. 

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