Monday, December 5, 2016

Daily December Days 3 and 4

Day 3
I never can sleep,in on Saturday mornings, but I try to let me girls sleep until they naturally wake up. So this Saturday was no different. I had a couple of cups of tea and enjoyed the quite time. The quite time without too much real noise and I tried to resist the urge to open up my phone and take a peek at Facebook or Instagram. My focus this month is to reduce the virtual noise in my life by unplugging from social media and just enjoying the quite.
Once everyone was up and ready for the day Anastasia and I went over to feed her pig. She is showing a pig with FFA this year and it has to stay at the school barn. So we have to go and feed it twice a day one the weekends and she feeds it before and after school each day.
On the way back home she happened to notice someone selling puppies on the square. I let her stop even though she didn't ask and it made her so excited because normally we would have just drove on, but I knew this is something that would make a memory.
Once Tim got back home we all started working on different things in the house. He was working on cutting boards to finish a wall and the girls and I were waxing the cabinet doors. I am using chalk paint and wax by DecoArt to paint and finish the cabinets. I will put a varnish on them when we are finished to make them easy to clean.
Day 4
Today was Sunday and we normally all go to church , but Anastasia was sick with a headache and I was afraid it would turn into a migraine so I made her stay in bed and Tim and Shae went to church.
It was a gray, cold and rainy day so I thought it was a good day to try to organize my tea collection. I am getting a pretty large collection and I love all the choices that I have now. I try to add a couple of boxes a week because I'm am trying to break the soda habit and I just can't drink plain water all day. It is working and my favorite one is Good Earth's Sweet and Spicy Green Tea. They have a black tea with the same name and I haven't tried it yet but I really love the green tea one. It is hard to find and I only have one store that I can get it from. I need to start ordering it online so I can keep in on hand. I drink it every morning instead of coffee.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

My Day 2 Of Daily December

December 2,  was a super crazy busy day and I am working through the book Loving my Actual Life by Alexandra Kuykendall this month and really focusing on my family and making sure that I remember that every single day really is a gift.
This months focus is breaking free from the noise and being present in the moment.
I will be trying to cut back on Social Media and other distractions that add to the noise of my everyday life. I really hope that you would read it along with me.
It started off with picking up pecans at the farm, and It ended up being a lot of running around today. I had groceries, farm business, hobby lobby, and lunch with my husband (this never happens). The feed store and happy mail.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Daily December Day 1

I love participating in December Daily each year.  I will be working through the book Loving my Actual Life by Alexandra Kuykendall this month and really focusing on my family and making sure that I remember that every single day really is a gift. 
I want to make sure that I am present in each moment and try not to rush through everything and really enjoy each moment. 
The tag line of the book really caught my eye, "What if you could actually love the life you are living right now?" This really made me think about how much we all wish our lives were somehow different. I know that I am guilty of this, but I want something more. I want to be present right where God has placed me. I don't want to rush all the time and worry about everything. I want to have the freedom to live in the place that God has me no matter what the circumstances are. 
So this month I am going to take a step back, not over commit to things and take a breath a long deep breath before I say yes to anything that will take me away from the present and make me feel rushed and harried. I want to slow things down. 
In the first part of the book there was something that really made me think: 
the years 0-10 of your children's life are slow and seem to go on and on with no end, but the years 11-18 really fly by. Both of my girls are in high school and I can just feel them growing up, and away. I really want to take the time to enjoy each of the days I have with them, but when we are rushing around trying to cram everything we can into every day then we really miss the moments that make up these days. 
So for this month I will be sharing the little moments that make up our days because these are the important parts of our lives, not just the big days that are on the calendar. 
I hope that you will join me on this journey of taking back the moments that mean so much and slowing down and not stressing over everything so much.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

This Weeks Plans

It has gotten colder here in Georgia, and I am feeling like hibernating. I only want to curl up with my blanket and sit in front of the heater and grab my knitting and a good book. (Yes I knit and read at the same time.)
My local library is one of the best. I love that I can find so many new books. I always keep a good stack in the living room.

Here is the list of books if you want to check them out: 

I love to read a wide variety of subjects. So this week is nothing new. I have a few fiction books, a cookbook and a history book.
I have finished one of the fingerless gloves. I'm excited about this project, I really like the way the colors are working up. I am writing up this patter and I just have to work up the other sizes.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thoughts on Fall

This time of the year I always set up a hot tea station. This year is no different even thought we are living in a camper this year as our house is still I being built. I need to add some hot chocolate to the mix as well as my girls love hot chocolate so it has to be included.

Candles are also my favorite thing to have around. I love how just the scent can add a bit of warmth to the room. This is one a mango candle that smells so good.

This week on one of my many trips to our local library ( the only way I can get online) I found a book that is have been really wanting to read on the book sale rack. The magazines were also in the sale so I was able to get 4 back issues of Knitting Magazine and the book for only $2. I have found so much useful information in the magazines and the book is great. I am trying to reduce the amount of processed foods from our diet, so I really need some help with ideas to add better things in that are really good for us and our overall well being. The Daniel Plan is such a highly recommend book from some of my friends that I felt I just had to give it a try.

I am working on a few knitting projects right now and I have way too many on the needles right now. I have been trying to be good and not have more than one on at a time but I have three things on the needles right now and I must really try to get a couple of them completed. This is the latest one that I am working on. It is a pair of fingerless gloves that I am making as a present for Christmas.


I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far and I will keep you posted on my progress with my projects.


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