Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday Tips: Recycled Canvas

Today I want to tell you about my recycled canvases. 

The supplies you will need are: 
Cardboard box (cut down to the size you prefer, I use 7x9)
Thin Cotton Fabric

  1. Cut your fabric about 1 inch on all sides bigger than your board,
  2. Cover the board with Decou-Page and press the fabric on the board.
  3. Wrap the overlap fabric to the back and adhere with the Decou-Page.
  4. Let dry for about 10 min
  5. Add a layer of Gesso that is thick enough to hold a texture. 

I added scrap pieces of fabric to this board while the Gesso was wet, just by pressing it into the wet Gesso. Once the board is dry, about 4 hours (or you can use a heat gun and dry it a little faster) this board is ready to use like any other canvas. 

On this canvas I used the New DecoArt Media Paints. I really love the transparency of these paints. 

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