Monday, November 14, 2011

Sketches of my Studio

sketches 012

I am working on a new studio space that I have been able to carve out for me, and I wanted to share the sketches that I have made of the space. I am in the process of moving everything out that is in there now so no pictures yet, just sketches of what is to come. The Space is 10’ x 11’ with a south facing window for wonderful natural light. I will have my drawing table right in front of this window.

sketches 008

This is the south wall elevation with my drafting table centered under the window. To the right of the drafting table is a 7 drawer rolling cart. I have had this piece for years and I plan on having it here to be able to keep all my most used supplies within east reach. to the left of the drafting table is my 8 cubby cabinet.(I just realized as I am writing this that I only drew a 6 cubby cabinet). This unit has 8 cubbies that are each 1 cubic foot of space. I use it for works in progress and holding current magazines and some larger cuts of fabric.

sketches 010

This is the east wall of the space and it already has the two shelves on the wall . They are 8” and are 12 inches deep. These shelves have been in the space since it was originally a home office when we first moved into our house. I really like how they add a lot of storage space without taking up any floor space. I will have my sewing machine and serger on this wall also. I use a vintage typing desk for my sewing machine because it is the perfect height ro sew and not hurt my back or shoulders. The larger drawer system to the left of the machines are from vintage greeting card displays. They were in my mom’s bookstore when I was a kid and I had them in the studio section of my retail shop. When I stack them 3 high and add the counter top piece it is the perfect height for standing and cutting our fabric pieces.

sketches 009

This is the north wall of the space and it will be where my ironing station will be. this piece of furniture was originally the changing table when my girls were babies. It is a piece of furniture that is supposed to grow with the child but because of the changing table area it is to large of a space to be used for an older child’s room. the cabinet below has two shelves and will be a great place to store my papers and fabrics, above the countertop serface is 3 cubbies that will hold small baskets, I will use these to hold small scraps of fabric and other items. The top of the unit will be used as a display space for finished projects. There is a door on this wall that leads into the hallway.

sketches 011

This is the west wall and the closet is behind that door. It is a standard small bedroom closet. I hope to add shelves at some point but it will be used for large supply storage. The bookshelf has been in the house for a long time and has been in many places. This is where it is at now and I don’t plan on moving it anytime soon. I t holds the girls books but I am thinking about moving them into the hall closet that I featured before and move all of my books out of there and let it be for them only.

For this room I don’t plan on making any new furniture purchases. Based on the sketches that I have made all the furniture items that are being used in the room are pieces that I already have that are either in use now or in the storage building in my backyard. The storage building was orginally going to be my studio space and and was used at such for about a year, but the utilities were almost double when the space was in use because of having either to heat or cool the space. I will be adding pictures of the studio as it progresses.

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abby hamilton said...

Helloo hun i would just like to say i am enjoying your blog so far i just found off of pinterest for your free journaling cards, any who i would love too see an update on your studio space and more detailed look of how you store things and what is in your desk etc., and also is your space still located in your living room or do you have your own space now. TFS Can't wait to see more post on your space

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