Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Organization Week 3


I tackled the hall closet this week and I forgot to take a before shot but I did take a few finished shots and I will explain what I did on each shelf. I have very little closet space in my house except for the bedroom closets and one in the master bath this is the only other closet in the whole house. I thought that it would make batter use of the space for a homeschool/library closet.


I decided to move all the linens for each room in to the correct bedroom instead of taking up the space in this closet. This saved me 2 shelves. We also used this to store most of the board games also but I moved them into the girls’ rooms to free up even more space. We also cleaned out games that they really didn’t play with anymore.

On the bottom shelf in this picture I used milk crates to be able to use the wasted space above the books and this is where we store the maps for each state and our collection of National Geographic. On the upper shelf I used magazine boxes to organize the various magazines that I like to keep. Cloth Paper Scissors, Studios, Ready Made, Mary Englebrite, Martha Stewart, and Victoria. I purged my collection as well and still have a lot.


On the extreme upper shelf I stored the girls baby books as well as a few games that we don’t play very often. I used the center area for books that I do not use on a regular basis. They are still easy to reach but they don’t take up space where I really need it.


In the bottom of the closet I used various crates and baskets that I had in my house already to organize the books and magazines that I have for the girls to read. I did not purchase any new baskets or crates for this closet, I just shopped my house for containers that would fit the purpose and where not really being used  to their maximum capacity in other places. I have also found that when I start purging things I end up with an abundance of storage containers to repurpose.

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