Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thoughts on Fall

This time of the year I always set up a hot tea station. This year is no different even thought we are living in a camper this year as our house is still I being built. I need to add some hot chocolate to the mix as well as my girls love hot chocolate so it has to be included.

Candles are also my favorite thing to have around. I love how just the scent can add a bit of warmth to the room. This is one a mango candle that smells so good.

This week on one of my many trips to our local library ( the only way I can get online) I found a book that is have been really wanting to read on the book sale rack. The magazines were also in the sale so I was able to get 4 back issues of Knitting Magazine and the book for only $2. I have found so much useful information in the magazines and the book is great. I am trying to reduce the amount of processed foods from our diet, so I really need some help with ideas to add better things in that are really good for us and our overall well being. The Daniel Plan is such a highly recommend book from some of my friends that I felt I just had to give it a try.

I am working on a few knitting projects right now and I have way too many on the needles right now. I have been trying to be good and not have more than one on at a time but I have three things on the needles right now and I must really try to get a couple of them completed. This is the latest one that I am working on. It is a pair of fingerless gloves that I am making as a present for Christmas.


I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far and I will keep you posted on my progress with my projects.


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