Thursday, September 22, 2016

We are Building a Yurt UPDATE

May 2015 is when we started this journey. We decided to sell our home that we had lived in or almost 17 years. We had brought our girls home from the hospital to that house, and we had made it a home during they years that we lived there. All of their memories were made in that house. It was really hard to leave but we knew that God had bigger plans for us, bigger plans for our family. We had purchased a large tract of land the previous March and knew that this was where we would move. It was 30 min away and it offered us a place to grow. It offered us a place to be able to pursue our dreams and place to take everything that we did to the next level. 

My husband has had horses for as long as I have know him and so this gave us a place for him to get back to training horse like he loved. It also gave us a bigger place to have all the animals that my girls love. We have chickens, guineas, a goat, 2 dogs, a cat, and 4 horses. 

It gives me a place to host art retreats and teach classes, a place where I can explore my crafts in the wide open spaces. 

Early on when we were planning our farm we wanted to build a big house and a guest house. We decided that we would build the guest house first and live in it a while so that we could save up to start building the big house. We decided that the guest house has to be cost effective and easy to build. So we decided on a yurt. I shopped around to find the  biggest one that we could afford. I wanted to make sure that it was affordable and large. We would need to live in it and with 4 people I didn't want to be tripping over everyone. So, we settled on a 30' yurt from Pacific Yurts. Their quality is excellent and customer service is spot on. So on July 2, 2015 it was delivered. We began construction on the foundation and had a few bumps in the road due to illness but we kept trudging on. Fast forward to April of this year and we were able to get the foundation completed and the exterior up. We have been working hard every since and here is where we are today. 
Who knows if we will ever build the big house as we really are excited about living in the yurt.

From the outside it looks like it is ready to move in but once you walk through the front door you will see that it is still a construction zone. 

The loft walls are up here and ready for the stairs. It is a very big accomplishment to have it completed this far. 

Here we are starting to put up the wall boards for the wall behind the stairs to the loft bedroom. 

Halfway up. It came along fast because a friend brought over a nail gun and made the process flow so much better. 

The wall is finished and ready for the stairs to go up. I wish I had taken some pictures of the process. It was about a 5-6 hour process for them to be built.

The steps to the loft have been built and the wall behind it has been covered. Anastasia is so excited that she can get to her room without having to climb a ladder now. Now I just have to convencer her she can't move in until we are finished. 

These beautiful steps were built for us by a very generous friend. We supplied the wood and he supplied the labor. It was truly a blessing. 

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