Monday, February 1, 2016

Let's Talk Business: Teaching an Online Class

Today to continue the Levering your Art to Work for You, series I want to tell you about what I am working on this week. 
After I published my coloring book and started talking it up in the Art Business Groups on Facebook, I started having people ask me how I did it and what steps I took to make it happen. So I decided that I should teach a class on How to Self Publish a Coloring Book. I will be teaching this call over on Skillshare. I really like this platform for teaching a class because I am able to share a project based class with more people than just you my readers. 

This will be a start to finish class. I will show you the steps to take to create your book "From Art to Finish". All you will have to have is some good line drawings that have been scanned at 300DPI and a stored in a JPG format. I will be sharing a full list of supplies over on Skillshare at the class page as soon as it goes live.
This is a great way to monetize your art by sharing what you know and how you do what you do. I have learned so much from other people sharing with me that I really want to share what I know with the world. I hope you will join me over on Skillshare for this class. If you use the link here you will receive a free one month subscription to Skillshare. 

Another update that I want to share is that I have started a Kickstarter Campaign  it is called Katie Creates and Coloring Book Series to help me take my coloring books to the wholesale market.

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