Friday, January 29, 2016

Glimpses of my life week 5

I pulled out my Windsor Newton watercolor box and thought about painting. I really want to get back to painting but I have been only working in the studio for a couple of hours this week because it has been so cold out there. I really love this watercolor set because it is so portable. it also has a very tight seal so I can put it in my bag and not worry if I left a little bit of wet paint. 

I am trying to get some more painted papers made so that I can get the mixed media kits back into the shop. I really enjoy making these kits and have some new items that will be included in the revamped kits. I am creating stack of papers in each set of colors that I am working with. The ones above were created with DecoArt American Multi Surface Acrylic Paints in reds, yellows and browns. I added some random lines and marks with a large Sharpie Magnum

My second adult coloring book Floral Abundance was published earlier than I was expecting so it is now live on Amazon and I could not be more excited. This on is all about flowers and i have been coloring some of the sample pages out of the book and I will be posting them soon. If you read the post on Monday all about Leveraging Your Art to Work for You, then you will know that I am working on creating diverse product lines with my art and the coloring books are just one way that I am working with these images. In the next few months I will be creating a book full of designs to stitch. 

This is one of the more simple designs that are in the book and it was colored with some on the Fine Tip Sharpies that I have in my collection. 

Here are the link to the supplies that I have mentioned in the post if you would like to try any one them out. 

Disclosure: I will receive a percentage of any purchase that you make using the links in this post. You dont not have to use these links to make a purchase and they will cost you any extra to use them.

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