Monday, January 25, 2016

Leveraging Your Art to Work for You

Today on Let's Talk Business, it is all about Leveraging your art to work for you. I love making art and I could stay in the studio all day and be happy, but I know that I have to take care of the business side of what I do in order to make money with all the art that I create. I want to share the ways that I have been able to monetize my art through different income streams. Today I want to talk about Printables. 

Creating printable items that for sale on Craftsy have been a great way for me to add a passive income stream. These items are created once and I can sell them over and over. once they have been uploaded to either of my shops there really is not much that I have to do keep them selling. I scan all of my art and so this is an easy way to make my art into items that can be used for printables. These are planner items and items for ATCs and project life cards. The items that I have shown here were created with some of my art that I have created with vector art. 

When you create products with your art it really helps to make sure that your information is on the printable. This way they will not forget where they made the purchase once the item is printed out. I like to make sure that I print them out to make sure the color looks correct. This is a way to make sure the quality is what you really want to put out into the world. I really have a high quality and don't want to put out something that I would not want to buy. 
I hope that I have shared some information that you have found helpful. Next Monday I will continue this series about Leveraging Your Art so that it Works for You. 

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