Friday, January 22, 2016

Glimpses of my life

 This week has been up and down. It has been slow in my graphic design business but I am getting a lot of  other projects completed. I have highlighted a few today.

I have bee working on revamping my YouTube channel and so I will be posting new items each week. This is now where The Art Party will be happening, I posted a new video on Wednesday. I will be filming them on the weekends and then working on them throughout the week so that I can hopefully have them post on Wednesdays. 

My coloring book has been published. I am so excited to be able to show it off. You can purchase it on Amazon now and I hope that you will enjoy it. 

The Sunrises have been so pretty on the farm that I just have to share this. My daughter called it cotton candy sky. There is no filter on this photo and I just love the colors that are in this. It would be a beautiful color palette for a piece of art. 

I was playing with the #mymatsprep looking for things around town. This is a lampshade that is in our local courthouse. It is metal and a textured glass. I love the color that are in it. I could not get a very good picture of it so this doesn't do it justice. 

I have moved my studio back to my farm and it has been way too cold to work out there so I am really itching to get back to it. I hope that this weekend I will be able to get some heat out there and be able to get another video filmed. 

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