Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How to travel with your art supplies


During the summer I'm always on the go. I love to be able to draw and jotdown reference sketches while I have to wait one of the girls or if I findmself early for an appointment. So today I wanted to share with you how I am able to take a few supplies with me and still be able to be creative on the go.

I have three small pouches that really help keep me organized and creative anywhere I go.
Here is what is inside bag number one. This bag is just a small part of my collection of black pens and this pouch is in my bag all the time. I find that I draw more line work these days because I know I am going to scan it into the computer or rework it on my iPad so I really like having this in easy reach. I also have a few project life cards and some post it flags and a couple of rolls of washi tapes. I will normally carry a sketchbook with me when I have this pouch in my bag.
This is the bag I can add to my purse if I don't want to take a big bag with me. It has a few black pens, a mechanical pencil and couple of white erasers I also have a pack of blank 3x5 cards in a plastic case that I found at my local dollar store. This is a great way to make quick reference sketches when I am out and about.

Here is pouch number 3 this has all of the pens that I use for my Bible Journaling and the page flags that I use as bookmarks in my Bible. I have my business card holder as well. I love my InkJoy pens and the latte gel pens. I carry this with me to church so that I can add a little color when I take notes in the margins.

When I'm headed out and about all I have to do is pop one of the pouches into my bag add a sketchbook or journal and I'm ready for creating on the go. I hope this has helped you To see that with just a little planning it is easy to travel with your art supplies.

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