Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Garden is Growing

garden 2012 002garden 2012 003

I thought I would share an update on my garden. It is growing, and I am so excited. the weather has been so warm here and so I have put out plants out for squash, cucumber, zucchini and tomatoes. My onions, garlic and rhubarb have flourished.

garden 2012 005garden 2012 010garden 2012 012garden 2012 024

We planted seeds for bean plants and marigolds in each corner of the raised bed to help control pest naturally.

garden 2012 015garden 2012 021

We worked in the flowerbed in the front yard and planted peonies, gladiolus elephant ear, and moonflowers. I forgot to take a picture of the front yard so I will post them soon.

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