Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11 10 years later

I like most people can remember exactly where I was on 9/11/2001. I was home I had just turned on the Today Show as they were reporting that the first tower had been hit, and how it must be some awful accident. Then as we are watching the first tower on fire I was shocked as everyone else was when we saw another plane flying right toward the second tower. Then the reports came in that the Pentagon had been hit also. I know that I called everyone that I could think of in a very short time. I had a 11 month old little girl and I had just found out that I was expecting our second child a couple of days before this day. My husband was working in a high rise in downtown Atlanta and I was so worried that Atlanta might be next. During the times that I spoke to him during that day he told me that he could see military flying all around the Atlanta area, and could not see any normal plane activity. I know that we had a special prayer service at church the next night and held prayer services for the next few weeks. We donated blood, and helped in various drives that were going on at the time. 

I look at my kids now and realize that they really do not know what happened that day because the schools really haven't talked about it like I feel they should. So this year I feel like they are old enough to learn about what happened. If you feel the same way you can find a lot of links to information for helping your children understand what happened that day.  Here is the link to CNN for families  to help explain the events.
We know that we have forever been changed be the events of that day, and we will never forget the people that died that day and all the families that were affected by the enormous loss that was felt that day, and we should keep them in our prayers today as they remember the ones that they lost on that horrible day.

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lori vliegen said...

i was a horrible day for the people directly affected, and for our entire country.

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