Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hard Questions

Sometimes we are faced with questions from our children that leave us speechless, and we don't have a clue how to answer them. This is very hard for me because I want them to always come to me for answers ans to be able to answer the questions that they throw my way. Like tonight Anastasia was talking about dealing with other children that like to pick on her and how they give her a hard time. "all the time". She wanted to know why I never told the other child's parents about the situation and never even "acted like it mattered". Well I had to think about that one for a little while because I didn't want here to think that I didn't care about her problems. I told her this: "I love you and I know that sometimes people can act mean and hurtful but they might not really be trying to be mean and hurtful. Sometimes they are just responding to the situation on the defensive and you might be taking it the wrong way. Second you asked why I don't go to their parents, It is because I do not want to cause trouble with their parents and I so I will let you try to learn and work things out for yourself." I was trying to teach her  the lesson that she has to try to work out the problems that she has in life on her own first ans then if it still is not working out she can come to me. I also wanted her to know that she needs to think about how she treats others and try to treat them like she wants to be treated and not react to the way that they are treating her. I wanted her to know that reacting is not the best choice but you should try to be the bigger person and treat them better than they are treating you. In the end I had her willing to try and be the bigger person in the situation and try to treat other people better than they treat her. I hope this lesson will stay with her and I know that it will probably have to be retaught again before it sticks like glue, but I am willing to try and keep up the effort to teach this lesson because it is such a valuable lesson to be learned. I also told here that if she does this it is proven to work and all she has to do is try and she might just make a better friend in the process.
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