Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Journey

Earlier this week I posted that I had taken a leap of faith. I would like to take you on this journey if you would like to come along with me. I hope to share this with you my readers and anyone else who would like to read along.

First I would like to share the to-do list that I have made for myself.
  • Be a better wife, mother, friend
  • Learn along with my children as we being the homeschool Journey
  • Cook more that just food to fill out bellies but food that will be enjoyed
  • Create art that is fulfilling and really use what God has given to me
  • Build My Etsy shop to be able to help support my family
  • Record my steps that I will take to bring this to life.
I am trusting that God will help my family and I with each step that we take along this pathway. I hope that you will stay with me and let me know what you think along the way. Sometimes I will need to hear the feedback from you. I hope to share what I create and my process with you. I f you want to keep up with the post as they come out you can join up with Google Friend connect on the sidebar of this page. I will update this post as new post are make in this series so came back and check I hope to be able to post at least once per week with these but I might post more if time allows.
Here is the list of  posts in the My Journey Series.

1 comment:

Precious Crafts said...

Hi, your leap of faith is a daring journey which will fill you with happiness, and some struggles. I wish you all the best.

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