Thursday, December 30, 2010

Amy Butler’s Style Stitches

SSPX0028I have really enjoyed this book. The patterns are very well written with easy to follow directions. The book is organized by skill level and this really makes it easy to pick up the book and find something on any skill level. I do think that you need to know how to read a pattern and have basic sewing skills.

SSPX0025If you have made anything with a sewing machine and feel confident using it then this is a great book for you.




SSPX0022If you want to learn how to sew then you need to find a beginner’s book. I really like this book because I wanted to find a book that included full size patterns that I did not have to enlarge and that late at night when I got home from the bookstore I could start making the bags and not have to find a late night copy shop to make enlargements.

SSPX0023The images throughout this book make you want to keep flipping the pages and keep looking to see what you can find in the pages. You can see influences from ready-to-wear in the pages of this book also. I love how they really play well together, and they mix great and show how each bag can fit well into your wardrobe.

SSPX0026This is a very beautifully photographed book and would make a great coffee table book if it was just a book of images. I love the way the images make you want to make each and every project out of this book. I am the type of person that when I by a how-to book I at least have to make one project as soon as I get home or at least within a day of purchase.

SSPX0027I love that these patterns are almost instant gratification. I did not have to purchase too much extra things for the projects that I didn’t already have in my stash. I only had to purchase the interfacing and I knew that I could use any of the fabrics in my stash.

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