Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Post Christmas Crafting

Flower HeadbandI have been busy crafting. I have made some headbands with fabric scraps, and inexpensive Dollar Store elastic headbands. Add in a little hot glue and small paper pieces for the foundation and you have a collection of headbands.  Tutorial after the jump.


Ruffled Flower HeadbandI used a large circle punch to punch the base out of cardstock. Then I covered each circle with matching fabric. I then made the rolled fabric flowers using a tutorial from Allison Burke and then used a hot glue gun to adhere the flower to the base.

SSPX0136I then covered a second circle with another scrap of fabric and then used the two to sandwich the elastic headband in between. I made sure the seam and metal connector was covered by the two pieces. 


SSPX0137On the blue one I added 3 pearl buttons just to add a little something extra. On the third one I used ribbon scraps from my ribbon jar to finish off this one.I love the way it turned out with the look of leaves, Next time I think I will use various colors of green to make a more realistic leaf.  The last one is made out of multi-color polka dot fabric that has a white background, It really created a different effect with the green, blue, and pink colors popping off the white background.

SSPX0143These were very easy to create. After I ran out of headbands I made a few more flowers and now I just need a few more headbands to finish them off. I might turn them into pins because they are larger than the ones that I made for these headbands.  My youngest daughter really loved these and then she asked me if I was going to make her some more in other colors so that she could have one for every outfit. I had to laugh because she is such a girly girl and loves to dress up and my oldest daughter laughed when I said that I would make her one for every outfit too, (she would rather not dress up and be casual every day).

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