Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Journal Pages

These pages are from my larger journal. This journal is one that I like to work in when I have all of my supplies in easy reach. I love to experiment with techniques on the pages and try out things that I might not really use on any other piece of art. The first page is all about my love of Coffee and Tea. Tazo Wild Sweet Orange is my favorite tea, and Starbucks is my favorite coffee. I used a napkin adhered with Gel Medium over a yellow and orange painted background. The small circles are chocolate and brownie images that I punched out of a magazine. I drew the coffee cup and added a phrase to the right side of the page spread. I used the Grid Letter that I featured in a previous post for the words "tea" and "coffee" . I also added a couple of the wrappers for the teas that we use for Ice Tea in our house, because we go through about 4 gallons a week. :-) 
The Second Page is "My Hands" I listed things that I do with my hands in the bubbles and added a phrase to complete the page. I credit card painted the backgrounds for this page as well as the first page. I used a combination of Sharpie and Bic Permanent pens for the lettering and outlines on these pages. 

The last page was an unfinished scrapbook page that I cut down to add to by journal because I felt that then I would add my thoughts about my girls when they were younger. It may not be the words that I intended to write when I created the page originally, but I will have a place that I can look at the pictures and remember they way they were. (My oldest is 10 and youngest is 8)

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