Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My Latest Influenser Box

I really love tea and have really been on a green tea kick as of late, so I was super excited to see this box show up in the mail. I have seen these in the stores but sometimes I have a hard time trying new things. So since I was given the opportunity to try it for free I couldn't wait.
I love the packaging but I wish that the containers were not clear. I like to keep my teas out where I can see them but these containers I will have to keep in my cabinet so that they won't be out in the light too much. I need to get a pretty box to store my teas in and them I could keep them with all the rest of my collection.
My daughter tried both of them and really like them , she liked the black tea and said that the flavor was really good. I know that sometimes tea that has a vanilla flavor isn't as strong as I would like.
She loved the green tea and I did too. I was drinking it prior to starting my Juice Reboot. So if I decided to add caffeine back to my diet once it is over I will drink more, that is if there is any left now that my daughter loves it.

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