Monday, December 5, 2016

Daily December Days 3 and 4

Day 3
I never can sleep,in on Saturday mornings, but I try to let me girls sleep until they naturally wake up. So this Saturday was no different. I had a couple of cups of tea and enjoyed the quite time. The quite time without too much real noise and I tried to resist the urge to open up my phone and take a peek at Facebook or Instagram. My focus this month is to reduce the virtual noise in my life by unplugging from social media and just enjoying the quite.
Once everyone was up and ready for the day Anastasia and I went over to feed her pig. She is showing a pig with FFA this year and it has to stay at the school barn. So we have to go and feed it twice a day one the weekends and she feeds it before and after school each day.
On the way back home she happened to notice someone selling puppies on the square. I let her stop even though she didn't ask and it made her so excited because normally we would have just drove on, but I knew this is something that would make a memory.
Once Tim got back home we all started working on different things in the house. He was working on cutting boards to finish a wall and the girls and I were waxing the cabinet doors. I am using chalk paint and wax by DecoArt to paint and finish the cabinets. I will put a varnish on them when we are finished to make them easy to clean.
Day 4
Today was Sunday and we normally all go to church , but Anastasia was sick with a headache and I was afraid it would turn into a migraine so I made her stay in bed and Tim and Shae went to church.
It was a gray, cold and rainy day so I thought it was a good day to try to organize my tea collection. I am getting a pretty large collection and I love all the choices that I have now. I try to add a couple of boxes a week because I'm am trying to break the soda habit and I just can't drink plain water all day. It is working and my favorite one is Good Earth's Sweet and Spicy Green Tea. They have a black tea with the same name and I haven't tried it yet but I really love the green tea one. It is hard to find and I only have one store that I can get it from. I need to start ordering it online so I can keep in on hand. I drink it every morning instead of coffee.

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