Thursday, September 1, 2016

August Recap

 August has been a super busy month. I have been working a temporary job filling in for someone who was out sick and so I have been working 3 days a week at that job. I really enjoyed it and I am sad to see it end. The girls started back to school and they are doing good,. So in my down time when I have not been working on Client projects I have started something new. 
I got a new loom, I can't say it is my first loom as I have a triangle loom that I have in storage, nut this loom is my first real loom. A Schacht School Loom

I have already finished my first project. I used some scrap yarn for the weft and I used some cone yarn from my grandmother for the warp. The square dowel that I used at the top is from a stash of wood that I got from my Dad's workshop when we were cleaning it out. So I like to think that even though they are not here I am working with them in some way. 

Then I had to try my hand on weaving fabric. I have a collection of Laura Ashley fabric samples in my stash and I loved the colors but the patterns are not ones that I would really sew with now so I created a bunch of 1/4 strips that I made by just ripping the fabric. I really like how it is working up. 

I decided to take some of the warp yarn and add in come shapes after I had woven the fabric strips to tighten up the weave. I want to add just a few more rows before I take it off and add it to a dowel. 

What I am reading now: I am Listening to Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst. I love this book. I like to listed to audio books while I am knitting to drawing. I find I really get more out of the book than when I just read it. The narrator is very good and I like her voice.  I always listen to a sample before I buy an audio book to make sure I can stand to listen to the person read the whole thing. 

 I have finished a couple of hats this month. The really have only taken a couple of hours each and where just a way for me to use up some stashed scraps from other projects. I had just enough of the pink to make the brim and the one stripe row. I did a knit one, slip on on the next row of gray to break up the stripe a little and add some interest. 

I am working up a couple of new patterns that I hope to be posting soon. The one below is a cowl pattern that I have knit up and written up, I just need to get it typed up and photographed on a model. It has been way to hot to model this one right now. I really love the yarn and how soft it is, 

I also designed and knitted up this shawl and I have the pattern written out, and it just needs to be typed up and the stripe pattern charted. I need to block it and photograph it too but the heat has been a problem with this one as well. 

I hope to have these patterns and a couple of more up on Ravelry soon.

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diannamcheck said...

Looms look like so much fun!!

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