Friday, January 8, 2016

Glimpses of My Life Week 2

The seed catalogs have starting coming in my mailbox, and I am so excited about planting seeds and having a big garden this year. Since we have moved onto the farm I can just picture the areas that I will be planting. I have dreamed of a big field of flowers for cutting and a big herb garden area full of healing herbs. I love using fresh herbs for cooking and for teas. 

I was sick for a while this week with vertigo and so working for me consisted of sitting in bed with my iPad and stylus. I was about to get a few new coloring pages designed and they are almost ready for posting to the Etsy shop. I was very excited that I could get so much accomplished working with the iPad and a few of my favorite apps. 

This is one if the completed pages that I printed samples of. I am very excited to have so many new pages and I hope this book will be listed on Amazon very soon. 

In my graphic design business I create a lot of different types of design work and I was excited to see this sign installed for the local youth house. This was a design that I had a lot of fun creating. 

on the way to take my daughter to school yesterday. I was greeted with two rainbows. I thought it was so pretty because there hadn't been any rain that morning. 
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