Monday, February 16, 2015

My New Sketchbook Planner

I have always loved the thought of using a planner and I have tried over the years to keep up with one but I always seem to still have a bunch of post it notes and little pieces of papers with notes all over the place. Then I found the Midori Traveler's Notebook . I loved the concept of a cover that I could have a bunch of notebooks all in one place. I loved the idea but never followed through with one. I found a couple of videos on YouTube that I liked about how I could make my own cover out of leather or vinyl but kept it on a to do list for "Someday" well last week someday came and I found some beautiful colors of vinyl at a local mill and just had to make a couple. The ones above are a couple of the ones that I have made so far. I am now up to 4 made to completion and a couple of more in the works.  I really love being able to keep a few different notebooks in one place and not all over my purse and I can have one topic in each of them. I also have a calendar book in it as well.  

I have always carried a sketchbook in my purse and a small bag of supplies and these are what I am carrying with me now. 
Some Washi Tape
Sticky Note Page Flags
and some Target Dollar Spot Gel Pens

This is how everything looks when I load it into my bag. 

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1 comment:

suzieq23 said...

I just signed up for a Midori class with Christy Tomlinson today and I went to your blog and here you are excited about the same thing~ Small world, huh?

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