Monday, July 21, 2014

Painted Fabric Fashion Cuffs

I have noticed a trend in the fashion world lately, and that is Cuff Bracelets. They are being made out of everything from metal to leather to fabric. I thought I would like to put my spin on this trend using my painted fabrics and trims. I found a base product from a local manufacture and and add my on special touch to it.
Each cuff is one of a kind. Even when I use the same colors and tools no two ever come out exactly the same. These Painted Fabric Fashion Cuffs are created with a bunch of layers that add a visual texture to each cuff. They have the look and feel of burnished leather when they are complete.

Each Painted Fabric Fashion Cuffs has a hand-stamped sentiment and I am taking custom orders for these.
You can pick 3 colors and 3 words for your Painted Fabric Fashion Cuffs. 

They have a button closure with an elastic loop that makes they one size fits most. 

Here is what they look like when they are laid flat. 

You can see the inside of this Painted Fabric Fashion Cuff. the design goes all the way around the piece. 

Both of the Painted Fabric Fashion Cuffs that are featured in this post were painted with the exact colors of paint but you can see the subtle differences as well as the muted tones on the second piece. 

The Painted Fabric Fashion Cuffs are available for order later this week in my Etsy Shop

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