Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shae's Tutu

I am taking Shae my youngest to a girls conference today and tonight they are having a tutu party. So this is the tutu that we made for her to wear. 

4 yards of two different color tule 
2.5 yards of a corrdinating color of netting
1 inch wide ribbon to fit around waist with 18 inches more for bow. 
Various colors of ribbons and novelty yarns to add in for texture.  ( you may use more or less than I did) 

I measured the ribbon and tied a knot on each side where it met up around the waist. This will keep you for going too wide with the tule. 
I then cut the tule into 4 inch wide pieces that were as wide as it came off the bolt. I cut the netting into 3 inch wide pieces and and half the length of the bolt. 
I tied a netting piece after every two pieces of tule and after all the netting and tule was tied I added in the ribbons to add color and texture. 

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