Sunday, December 8, 2013

Daily December Day 6 & 7

Day six was a busy day. I forgot to take any pictures. We decorated the 4H Float for the Covington Christmas Parade.

Day seven: Covington Christmas Parade
Shae wore a cute elf hat for her ride on the 4H float. 

Cousins rode together on the float. 

Walking do the parade route was my job. All the kids from 4H passed out books to the children along the route

This is the full float. I wish I got a picture f all the decorations. 

They all pulled wagons full of books for all of the kids along the route. It was a really fun time.

Anastasia won the blue ribbon for having the Best Groomed Horse. 

That night we decorated the house and put up the Christmas tree. Shae got to put up the star. 

This is one of my favorite ornaments, that my friend gave me a few years back. 

These ornaments have been on our tree for about 9 years now. I purchased they when I had my retail shop. I love how bright and festive the colors are. 

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