Thursday, August 1, 2013

Starting a New Plan

This month is a big month for our family. The girls will be starting back to school after 2 years of homeschooling, and I am working on a new business venture that I will be announcing soon. So this is going to be a very busy and very exciting time for me and my family.

Yesterday while we were out picking out school supplies for the girls I found this planner in one of my favorite colors. I was planning on just buying a small pocket planner but I really needed something more so this one ended up coming home with me.

I set down and and got to work planning my month and making sure that I had all my appointments down correctly and started to plan my blog post for the month. Because of how busy I know my month is going to be this will help me post on a consistent basis. I decided to use a 4 color pen to color code my entries.

  • Green for the girls
  • Blue for the blog
  • Purple for work
  • Pink for personal

I am a very visual person and I think will help me to find things quickly based on what I needing and keep me better organized.

As much as I love technology, a pen a paper is the best way for me to work out anything and planning things out on paper really works for me.

I found this on Instagram this morning and I really think it is perfect for my life at this stage right now, so I just had to share it..

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