Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Painting Week Day 3

Welcome to day 3 of Painting Week. I hope you have enjoyed the week so far. Today's post will feature one of my latest paintings that I have created for the 10 x 10 series. This painting is bright and colorful and full of lots of fun layers. 

  • 1 10 x 10 primed canvas
  • 5 colors of bright paint (should include black and white also)
  • 1 Large Black waterproof Chisel Tip Marker 
  • A few various sized brushes (not shown)
  • The best tool of all to paint with ( Your fingers and hands)

 Start by adding some messy layers of paint and drippy paint letting each layer dry in between. I f you do not let it dry in between each layer you will only get mud, and there will not be these pretty bright layers of color.

 Next, after letting it dry for at least 3 hours,  I got out my Bic Mark-it Chisel tip marker and drew some shapes that I liked over the messy layers. (I forgot to take a picture at this step because I got so caught up in the process.)

I then started to work my way across the canvas adding a rainbow of colors. These layers are semi-transparent so that the messy layers will show through. This is achieved by using the tube paints that are on the more professional side. 
I then started adding come white back in with a small paint brush. I also added a little bit of drippy white on top to bring out the contrast. (I  didn't worry about the black lines because I will draw them back in, in the final steps.) 

Once I was satisfied with the white contrast, I let it dry over night. Then I added the black lines back with the chisel tip marker.
Here is the completed piece.

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