Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Painting Week Day 2

Painting Week Day 2: Painting with markers on canvas. 


  • 1 - 10 x 10 inch canvas
  • 4 Prismacolor Markers of your choice I used a couple of shades of pink, a green, and an orange. 
  • 1 Faber-Castell Big Red Marker

 This canvas is a doodle canvas and I know that it is not technically a painting but since it is on a canvas I thought I would share it.

I started it off with the small flowers and started to fill in the entire surface. I used different flowers that I like to draw. I added in some circles and then outlined them with the large red brush marker. 

This was a really fun canvas to create. I originally planned on this just being a under layer that I would paint over, but it turned out more to my liking and I decided to just work it into a finished piece. I might used the markers to color the edges so that I can just hang it as it is. 

I hope that you are enjoying this series and come back tomorrow for Day 3 of Painting Week

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