Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Friday

I think that is is anything goes day today. It is such a beautiful day here in the south and I am sitting outside ipad in my lap enjoying the breeze and the sunshine. The weatherman said that today would be the last pretty day for a week so I am determined to enjoy it outside. This week has been a crazy full week. A friend of mine lost her father, and the southern hospitality cook inside me took over and I cooked. Because I was in such a cooking mode the girls talked me into trying some Pioneer Woman recipes. They tasted good but in no way looked as good as the ones on her blog.

This one looked halfway edible. I only made 2 that were "sunny side up" the rest were scrambled with cheese.

This one turn out like someone's science experiment gone wrong. Lol

Our boys are growing so much and eating grain now. So not much longer on the two bottles a day.

Anastasia decided she wanted to help me cut the grass. She was such a big help, but we let Dad finish the rest.

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