Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Trip To Andersonville

A trip to Andersonville and the National Prisoner of War Museum. We have visited here before, but my husband did't get to come with us on that trip so when we had the chance to pass it this past weekend I convicted him to stop.

There is so many things to see here that it would take you all day to see and read everything in the museum, but you don't have to take that much time. If you can spend and hour in the museum and another hour on the grounds it would be well worth the trip.

This statue stands at the entrance of the cemetery that is located in the compound and there is a headstone for each of the prisoners that died at the Andersonville Civil War Prison. There is also a large monument for each of the states that the men were from.

it was such a beautiful day and the wind was blowing and the flags were waving. It was such a beautiful experience

This is the old town train depot in the very small town of Andersonville. The town is about 1/2 mile away from the museum.

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