Monday, February 18, 2013

Proud Momma Moment

I normally do not share much on a personal basis here, but I am having a proud momma moment today. This weekend both of my girls competed at the 4H District Project Achievement. They had to earn their way there just 2 weeks ago at County PA.

My oldest daughter competed in the veterinary science category and my youngest in between meal snacks. They both won 1st place at county for their category. This gave them the opportunity to compete at the district level.

Shae prepared "cowboy salsa" (I will share her recipe soon).

You can see Anastasia here in her room ready to present.


At the end of the day the both came home with ribbons. Anastasia with a 2nd place ribbon for her category and Shae with 1st place in hers.

I am so proud of them for all their hard work paid off.

On the way out we visited the famous Rock Eagle and climbed to the top of the observation tower to see it. From the ground it just looks like a pile of stones.


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