Thursday, January 10, 2013

Step by step painting part 1

Step 1: I used my hand to spread a thin layer of gesso over the surface of the wood panel. The panel had been painted over with leftover house paint so that it would be less absorbent, so the gesso will help the acrylic paint to move better on the surface at later stages. I really like to apply the gesso in this way because is begins to build texture in this very first layer. (I used a spray bottle filled with plain water to help spread the gesso very thin.

Step 2: I begin to add swaths of color. Again I used my fingers to apply the color so that the shapes would be more organic and flowing. I used artist loft tube acrylic for these two colors. These colors are almost transparent and they almost glow on the gessoed surface.

I added pink to one of the corners that was empty in the same way as the first two colors.

The last color I added was green gold which is a fluid acrylic by Golden. I really like how bright it is.

This what it looks like so far. Tomorrow I will continue with the next step in this painting.

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