Monday, December 17, 2012

Handmade Wrapping Paper with Mini Misters

I love color and this week I have been experimenting with Mini Misters and Golden Fluid Acrylic paints.


  • I package of three Mini Misters
  • Three colors of your choice Golden Fluid Acrylic Paints. (I used Cobalt Teal, Quinacridone Magenta, and Green Gold)
  • Stencils of your choice. The more the better. I like using a lot of different stencils so that I can quickly make a lot of varied surface designs. (I use Crafters Workshop, Plaid and hardware store letters)
  • Rolled Paper (i used a roll of white paper from Ikea, it is thick and holds up great to the paint and Misters.
  • Sharpie Markers
Here you can see on the stars and the numbers where after I sprayed the pattern through the stencil I flipped the stencil over on another part of the page so as not to waste the paint. I also then sprayed the stars again the get the layered color effect.

Here you can see that after letting it dry for a few min I added doodles with a Sharpie marker to bring out areas of the design. This effect make certain area of the design pop and come to the forefront.

I work with 5-6 foot long strips of paper at a time so that I can make as much printed paper as possible. You can also use the scraps from wrapping your presents for art journaling or adding to a scrapbook layout.

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