Saturday, May 12, 2012

River Street Stroll

may 409

When you arrive at River St, via Bay street you will have your choice of these steep stairs to make the descent down to River Street. There are a couple of elevators available as well as ramp type access., but I love taking a walk down the beautiful stairs and thinking about how long they have been there and how many people have traversed them

may 414

We were able to visit the Savannah Tall Ships festival and the girls were excited to see these big ships They were very large and the pictures really don’t do them justice. They really are so much bigger in person.

may 425

We also were able to watch a couple of freighters leave the port and because they are so large no other ship is able to move in the river while it is heading down river. I guess it is because of the wake that it produces. To put it’s size into perspective each one of the containers on the top of the ship is 53’ long by 8’ wide by 10’ tall.

may 431

This is the view of the Savannah River Bridge from River St.

may 460

This ship was open to go aboard but you had to purchase a ticket for this one so we were only able to view it from the other side of the river from aboard the Ferry Boat.

Come back tomorrow for a view of the US Tall Ship the Eagle.  . . . . . .

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