Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Studio Organization


I have been on a kick lately when I am in my studio space that I really want to organize everything. Well today I am going to share my tip for taking your embroidery floss from a mess to beautiful organization. My oldest daughter has started making “Friendship Bracelets” and my floss was really looking like a mess. I normally buy it in bulk packages and keep them in the packages until I want to use some and then I don’t have to search for the color I want.

Well this is what my floss looked like before I started to work.001

After a quick trip to my local Hobby Lobby and a couple of dollars later. I bought this


All you have to do is place it in your floss box and secure the floss bobbin with a small dowel and it really makes quick work out of the mess.



Once you have it secure you can get ready to start winding. (Be careful with the little dowel that holds the bobbins. It can fly. I learned from experience, I had to hunt it on my hands and knees under the back of my table)



Secure your thread in one of the slots and your are ready for wind.


It’s that easy and then you can have a beautifully organized collection of embroidery floss.


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