Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Monday

I feel like I have neglected my readers over the past couple of weeks. I have been trying to spend more time creating and less time online. I really want to share a new item that I am making.
This idea came to me while I was shopping with my BFF and she found a fabric lanyard from a well know designer but could not find a bright print that she liked because most of the prints were very simlar. Well long story short she didn’t make a purchase so with her birthday this past weekend I decided to make her one with all the bright colors that she really loved. Needless to say the present was a hit.
All it took was a very small amount of fabric, some interfacing, a couple of burnt fingers (trying to iron something this small is very hard) and a small swivel lobsters clasp, and I had a perfect thin fabric lanyard. I added a small split ring key ring just incase a key was needed to be kept handy. I am planning on having a few in my Etsy Shop later this week, but first I have a make a larger order, thanks to my BFF wearing it to work this morning, for her office.

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