Monday, February 27, 2012

A New Garden Spot


I have been planning a new garden spot all winter. Now that I am a WAHM  I have a little more time to spend on a garden and I really want to grow some of the food items that end up on our table. So this weekend I was so excited when my Husband said that he would build my raised beds for me. Well I wanted to share them with you today and I hope to begin to track my progress each Monday. This new series will be titled Gardening Monday. I have had gardens in the past but once I started working full time I found it very hard to keep up with it in the early stages when it needs the most attention. I hope this year that I will be and I will be incorporating life science lessons for the girls during this project. They are excited about this and we will be making newspaper pots this week to start our seeds in. We will be deciding on the seeds and what we want to grow this week also. I know that Anastasia is very interested in having a butterfly garden in one of the beds.


Each of the beds have an interior measurement of 4 foot by 8 foot. This will make it easy to reach the center of the beds without compressing the soil.I am planning on plating onion sets down the center of the beds because once they are planted they will not really have to be bothered with much. 


We started bringing some of the rich soil from our horse paddocks and from the compost pile that my husband has going.. One of the best things that I have going for me it I have a large supply of rich compost and free fertilizer. A couple of years ago I took 25 gallon barrels and used the soil from the pens to grow sweet potatoes and we ended up with a bumper crop.

Later this week He will be building me a smaller bed for me to plant garlic and herb plants. I am so excited about growing my own garlic and herbs. I use garlic in everything and I would love to try some of homegrown garlic. I will be starting out with some organic garlic bulbs that I have on hand to get the bed started.

Next Monday: Building a better garden bed one layer at a time.

I hope you will come back next Monday to see how it has progressed. And remember to come back on Thursday for the Link Up Party and Friday we will have a new giveaway.

2 comments: said...

That is a great start! We started heavily growing food last year, and purchased our first chickens. Now we produce enough for a large portion of the year. It's so relaxing to garden and I hope you love it too!

Andi said...

I've always wanted a garden! I'll be excited to see yours grow though and can dream about mine through you! I posted about your blog today. Hope you have a great day!

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