Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Cleaning Week 2 Baths

In last weeks post we tackled the kitchen. This week we will be working on the Bathrooms. In most homes there is more than one bath and some have one for every member of the family. Well in our home there is only 2 and this week I will be tackling the Master Bath. This room should not cause me too much headache because last year I set up an organization system in the linen closet and under the counters. It has worked pretty good so far but I know that some of the areas need to be reworked and things that have not been used in a while need to be purged. I will also be moving some of the items into the other bathroom for my girls to use. I think this should help me keep them out of my beauty products. They love to use Mom’s stuff and I think if I give them their own supply it might help matters out.
Here is a before shot of the Master bathroom linen closet. I know I have to be brave to show a before but I forgot to take any for last weeks post and I felt that I should take one for this one. As you can see there is a system in place here with the 3 blue drawers for hair accessories, extra toothbrushes and toothpaste, as well and shaving accessories. The clear containers for perfumes and sprays, on the second shelf the cream container is for extra items that were either purchased on sale or just something that we took out of rotation for a while. The White bucket is First Aid items, this bucket is from the Container Store but any waterproof bucket will work great. I have all of the necessary items in this bucket so the when needed it is easy to find. I really recommend this for any family Fist Aid items are fairly inexpensive and really need to be kept on hand.
Here is the countertop before. As you can see it is cluttered with things that are used daily. These are items that need a place that is easy to reach but that is a little less disorganized.
Here is the after.
I really like how it turned out and I now have a lot of stuff that we were not really using taken out of the closet and off the counter.
The Blue container on the bottom left is where I have all the hair products that we use on a regular basis. the small white basket has all of my lotions and the blue drawer unit is being used for hair accessories, extra razors and in the top drawer is the extra toothbrushes and toothpaste. the white bucket on the top shelf is still where I keep the first aid supplies and I made sure that everything is there and fully supplied. The Cream box is full of extra items that I have found on sale and that were too good of a bargain to pass up.
I was able to find a place for all the clutter on the counters and keep out only the things we use more than once a day out. This is also one of the times of the year that I change out the toothbrushes. October and April, they are 6 months apart and because my daughters’ birthdays are in these months it really makes it easy to remember.
An over-the-door toiletries bag that I use when I travel comes in handy to keep the curling irons and all the small bottles and travel size containers organized and not all over the closet. I also keep my contacts and cleaning solutions here for easy access.
  • Baskets of various sizes
  • 3 drawer letter size unit.
All Items I used to organize this closet were items that I had on hand from around my home. Most items can be purchased at your local dollar store or IKEA. ( I love IKEA by the way and will be using products from there next week).
I hope you have found something useful from the post this week and you can come back  Next Week when we will be featuring Clothes Closet Organization Before and After 
To find the complete series click here. 
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Ashley said...

fall cleaning! yay:) hehe i need to do this!!!

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