Thursday, September 22, 2011

Skirt Refashion

Have you ever seen a skirt that you love and it fits perfectly? But it has a split that makes it a mini skirt because it is so long. Well I have and I have come up with a great way to refashion a skirt using Aleen’s Fabric Fusion. This is my favorite go to product when I want to quickly make a project that if it were sewn it might not turn out so good because of being unable to match the seams.
Ladies Retreat 11 099
All I did was cut a piece of fabric to the correct length and hem is using the Aleen’s Fabric Fusion and then using a few alligator clips to hold it in place and fold the hem of the split back and put a generous amount of adhesive on and adhere it down.
Ladies Retreat 11 096
I took extra care and made sure that the top part of the split was adhered securely as well as the bottom edges as these were where the most stress will be placed.
Ladies Retreat 11 095
Use the tip of the pen applicator on the Aleen’s Fabric Fusion to run a small bead of adhesive along the edge to insure a secure bond.

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