Thursday, August 25, 2011

Doodle Wall Hanging

  • Gesso
  • Various colors of Acrylic Paints
  • Black Scribbles 3D Paint 
  • Natural Bristle Paint Brushes 1/2" to 1 1/2" brushes
  • Large Heavy Duty Fabric
Step 1: Just get some Gesso on the fabric. I drizzled it straight out of the bottle.  Move it around with your largest paint brush. I found that a wet brush really makes it move easier but a dry brush give more texture. 

Step 2:  since I used a dark brown fabric I decided to add some light brown to bring down the white a little. At this point I still really had no idea what it was going to end up looking like. 

Step 3: start adding your designs. I added some dark brown before I painted the first flower and I really was just trying to add depth to the background. 

Step 4: Keep adding flowers around the outside of the  Fabric. Thanks to my daughters for taking these pictures for me. 

Step 5: Choose another color and add more flowers to fill in the design

Here is how it looks up to this step. You can see the dark brown that I added to the background. I did not paint the them completely but left the background sowing through.  I used a heat gun to dry each of the layers before adding another layer so that the colors will stay true. 

Detail of the flower once the centers were painted. 

After the centers are painted add a few leaves, they do not have to be perfect you want the design to look free. I then Added more gesso to the center of the design ans made sure that it covered the center almost completely. 

Then I painted some flowers in a third color and added more details to these flowers with shading. I then painted spirals and Curly-Q's to add movement. 

Once I had all my design painted and It had dried for a couple of hours, I brought out my favorite black Scribbles 3D Paint and started to doodle on the surface of the fabric. 

I used the Scribbles 3D Paint to add details and outline the flowers 

I went around each flower and Curly-Q adding details with the Scribble 3D Paint .

You can use this technique to create a wall hanging like I have here or use it to create one of a kind fabric to use in your sewing or quilting projects. 

The Scribble 3D Paints really make it easy to add drawing to your work. Come back soon for another quick technique using the Scribble 3D Paint.
Here is a detail picture of the design work using the Scribbles 3D Paints. 
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Julie said...

THAT is beautiful!!!!!! It's amazing how much the black scribble paint changes the whole look of the painting too. Seriously, I'm in awe of this! SO glad you shared it!

Mynnette said...

This is really cool! Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

I love all the layers. The 3d scribbles really make it! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

Sara said...

Gorgeous!! Would LOVE it if you would link this up to my turquoise lovin' party going on right now!! ;)

Emily said...

I love this! Thanks for linking up!

Iuliana said...

Sooo cute. Stopping by from Sweet Little Gals Turquoise Lovin' Link Party.

Karen @ It's the Suburbs or Bust- Yo! said...

Thanks for linking to WorkShop Wednesday. I featured your post this week!

allison @ said...

this is gorgeous and is truly inspiring! What an amazing artist you are! Thank you for linking up to WWWW! Hope to see you again this week!

allison @ said...

I'm featuring you today!!

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