Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Day

Today started out very early this morning. I decided that I wanted to redo my studio space. I started off with a mess. I am being brave and showing a before picture here.


I started by dividing all of my tools and materials by what they are used for. I also organized all of my papers into 12x12 plastic envelopes. I had purchased a vintage spice rack at my local thrift shop planning on using it for my buttons. So I asked my girls if they wanted to sort them and they acted like I asked them if they wanted Ice cream. It was so cute.


This was such a great way to occupy them for a couple of hours. I had 2 large button jars and they sorted them all. I seem to end up with everyone’s buttons because people are always asking if I would like them.


In the end Shae ended up do most of the work, by herself. She loved it though.


She had to put the White, Black and Gold buttons into larger jars, I have no clue how I ended up with so many of those colors.



I still have a little bit of neatening but I love how it is coming along. I turned the drafting table sideways and now it is facing the living room but I have a couple of old shutters that I use to divide the room. It also allows for easy access to the supplies stored under my table.


I have bins for paper and magazines. The basket holds all of my paper tools. (I keep things that I don’t use all the time in this basket but I wanted to keep it close for easy access. The table is for my sewing machine and for my laptop.


The little doll was a gift from my youngest daughter Shae. She told me that it was for me to keep, and I couldn’t take it apart for the buttons. I promised here that I wouldn’t.


I use a scrap of fabric to cover an empty veggie can. I love the black and white.

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