Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mixed Media Tutorial


Here is where I set up an outside studio at the park . I decided to spend a couple of hours at my local park that I love because it has such a large covered pavilion.

Supply list:

Brown Kraft Paper (roll)

Paint brush 1” at least (Not FOAM)

Craft acrylic paint:

    • Wasabi (Green)
    • Golden Yellow
    • Hawaii
    • Pink Blast
    • White
    • Magenta


I started out with a large sheet of brown craft paper and then added a little white paint. I used a wide 1 inch brush and used it throughout the whole project where I was adding bold strokes of color.


Next I applied paint right out of the bottle (No need to use a palette here).


Next with the brush I moved the paint around in a very geometric patter of lines and squares. The color here is Wasabi , it is a bright green.



Next I added my favorite shade of Yellow “Golden Yellow” I continued the same geometric shapes with all of the colors



The Next color that I added called Hawaii.


I used “Pink Blast” as my final color and added striped of color.


This is what the final piece after I brought is home and added starburst, spirals and circles in White and Magenta.

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