Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What I love about Spring

I have been being very deep lately so I thought I would share what I love about spring through the pictures that I have taken in the past couple of days.

The sweet smell of honeysuckles in the afternoon.
A single purple rose that only lasted a couple of days.
The promise of sweet summer fruit.
Firing up the grill.
A mud pie cake made just for me. Smile
Life is all about enjoying the little things in it, and not stressing over everything. Take time to enjoy the beauty of each season and know how quickly they will pass.
I have a prayer request today.
I have a dear friend who needs our prayers she is on life support complications after the birth of her child. She was not to live to be 18yrs of age and now she is 28 and has gotten married and now has a child a week or so old. She got the things she hoped for in life but please help us pray she gets to keep it .. urgent need!!!!!!

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