Sunday, April 17, 2011


Sometimes we are presented with situations as mothers that we feel like we really don’t know what we are doing (at least I do sometimes). I have two beautiful daughters that God bless our family with. I was told after a miscarriage early in our marriage that I might not be able to carry a baby to term. I was devastated by the news , but I knew that God would provide what we needed, in his time. We prayed about it when the Doctor said that he thought we should give fertility treatments a go. He said that we were both young and otherwise healthy and it could be our answer. We were approaching the 1 year mark from the miscarriage with no success. We had the ministers in our church to pray with us and we decided to take the chance. After the 1st round of treatments we went back to the doctor’s office for test and what a miracle we were given that day. (A positive pregnancy test and a hope for a child) We were bless with only a few complications until the 27th week when I went into labor 13 weeks early. I was hospitalized and spent the next 10 weeks in and out of the hospital, and on bed rest, and at 37 weeks delivered a healthy baby girl. She is now 10 1/2 years old (she won’t let me forget the 1/2). When she was 9 months old after the Doctors had told us over and over that we would have to have treatments to have another child we found out that we were being blessed with another child. God knew when we were ready and it was all in his time. This pregnancy started off much like the first being just a little morning sickness and nothing more. At 29 weeks it happened again and for the next 8 weeks were were in and out of the hospital with preterm labor. That last morning in the hospital they were planning on sending me home because I was still a month out, but our second beautiful girl had other plans. She was born at noon.
I said all that to say this: no matter what we face as mothers we can make it, we will make it. We just have to learn to lean on the one who gave them to us in the first place. You and I are a mother because God saw fit to give them to us to be their guide in this world, to shield them from the influences of this world. To teach them right from wrong, and to help them learn to make the choices that will make them in to the people that God put them here to be. I want to be the positive in their lives when all the negatives from this world try to bring them down. We have been entrusted with the most important job in the world:A Mother. We must shoe them that we have Faith in God because that is one of the greatest lessons that we can teach our children. To have FAITH in GOD.
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