Thursday, April 21, 2011

A New Reading Space and More

I decided to recreated my home one space at a time. Today’s space is my reading area in my bedroom. I did not really have a space to read other than sitting up in bed and this was too much of a bother for my husband so I decided to take this chair that has lived in the corner of our bedroom and turn it into a reading/journaling space. I didn’t purchase anything new for this space just walked around my home and studio building and pulled things that I thought would fit here. I added a small stool from IKEA and placed a crocheted doily that I had in the closet and a couple of small hat boxes that had been in the kitchen. I found the lamp  in my studio building and the black and white throw is a Liberty of London shawl from Target that I have had hanging in my closet for a while. I made the square throw that is in covering the seat is one that I made a few years back when I could still crochet with our my carpel tunnel making my arm blaze up in pain. The Ottoman is a vintage sewing box that I have had for a few years and found it in a local thrift store, for a steal. The Face painting is one of my original mixed media paintings and the other pieces are ones that I gleaned around the house.
IMG_20110418_193607 (1)
Here is the inside of the vintage sewing box. I have turned it into a place that I can store my journals and a few supplies to have on hand so that I can journal before I go to bed.
Here is a few close-ups of my supplies.
I got a chance for a Michael’s run today and picked up a few journaling supplies from their dollar spot. I love getting a bargain.
Please pardon the picture quality these were taken with my phone camera. I hope you all have a blessed weekend.



Diana said...

I love your sewing box. How I could use that. What a nice little spot you have created. Just lovely.

sonyamacdesigns said...

Thanks for shareN your home and life ... I too love the vintage sewing box and the legs of it are most awesome!

Cindy said...

The pictures are great, and I love the idea of it too...not buying anything but remixing what you had. The lamp on the hat boxes and the vintage sewing chest - now journaling storage are my two favorite pieces...

Blessings on your Holy week weekend!

AMKreations said...

I LOVE your reading space! That storage area is amazing!!! I'd be happy to find something awesome like that too!!!

con-tain-it said...

You place looks very welcoming and I'm sure you'll have hours of enjoyment there. That sewing box is wonderful! Love the way you've transformed it into your journaling box. It reminds me of old fashioned suitcases as well with the elastic pockets...too bad they don't make them like they use to. Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend. Fondly, Roberta

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

What a great space! I *love* to 'shop' my home... and that is what I most often do! Bringing things out that I have not used in a while is like a brand new piece! :) The throw you made is so pretty! Thank you for joining us this week!

Carola Bartz said...

You put the vintage sewing box to good use. How wonderful to have everything you need in one place close by.

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