Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Journal Pages

Completed journal page

I love creating journal pages. I carry it every where, so that if I get a spare minute I will have ti to draw. I have gotten some of my best ideas while riding (not driving lol) down the road. Completed journal page

I carry a collection of different pens and markers and most of the time I create in Black and White while I am out and then add color when I get a chance at home. Some pages are left this way while others have color added, when I feel it will enhance the intial drawing.Completed journal page

I use Sharpie Pens, Faber Castle Drawing Pens, and Martha Stewart Craft and Art Markers. I always make sure to have a glue stick in my pouch so that I can add collage bits to a page while I am out. I have a old mint tin filled with small pieces of scrapbook paper, old books, paper punch shapes, and quotes written on small strips of paper for easy addition to a page. I also have a pouch of Metalic colored pencils and Watercolor Pencils as well as a small Windsor Newton Watercolor set. Tomorrow I will try to post a picture of what I carry with me and what organization tools that I use to help me keep up with my tools.

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