Monday, November 20, 2017

A little pictorial recap

I finished my So Faded Sweater. I was so excited to have this finished. It was a very easy knit. 

We decorated the Yurt for Christmas early this year since we haven’t been able to decorate since 2014 they girls were super excited and wanted to enjoy it longer.  

I wanted to have a pair of socks that match my sweater so I decided to work them up. I will have a pattern in my Ravelry Shop soon.  

Speaking of my Ravelry shop I have decided to extend The free pattern weekend until Friday. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

A frenzy and fun

Monday it started the week off so cold but look at those temps for the rest of the week. 

 Tuesday Haunticello on the square. My daughter was the mascot for the county. 
Wednesday coffee was the only way I could get through this crazy week. 
Thursday the moon was so beautiful. 

Friday I, couldn’t sleep so I got up and starting working on my So Faded Sweater. 

Friday Afternoon while putting out signs for Saturday’s 51st Annual Deer Festival I found this beautiful magnolia tree. I love the love hanging branches. 

Saturday eight months of work all come together for the 51st Annual Deer Festival. It was a long day but a great day over all. 

Sunday The Restoration Apostolic Church Thanksgiving Dinner. This is our youth group and Nana. It was such a great time of food fun and fellowship. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

My Crazy Week

Monday, was a crazy day to start the work week. It rained so much in such a short amount of time. It started about 11 and ended about 1 and we got over 2 inches of rain in that short time. 

Tuesday, it was starting to feel like fall weather so I just the perfect evening to make chili for dinner. 

Wednesday, The first sock was almost ready for putting in the afterthought heel. I love how the yarn is working up. 

Wednesday Night,  I baked my first Gluten Free Cake from scratch. It looks so pretty and the icing is delicious, but I have to wait until Thursday to try the cake at Anastasia’s Birthday Dinner. 

Wednesday Night,  After the cake I had to do something to keep my mind off wanting to try it. So I turned to my Craftsy App and watched part of a sock knitting class. I really like watching Craftsy and knitting. 

Thursday Night, Anastasia turned 17. My baby girl is 17 oh my goodness it seems like just yesterday she was born. I finally understand why people say that. When you have children time seems to fly by. 

Friday, I have the afterthought heel placement and and I am almost ready to start on the toe, but it will have to wait until after work. We went out to dinner for Anastasia’s and my Mom’s Birthdays and I forgot to take a picture.

Saturday,  The new chicken coop is coming along good. Tim started it on Friday and by the end of the day it was almost fully finished. It looks so good, and I know our hens will love their new home. 

Saturday Night, the first sock is done and I don’t know if I really like it or not. I think I might rip it out and redo it. I am thinking making some boot socks and making the cuff, heel and toe a different color. This way I can make these into boot socks. I am thinking about using the say stitch pattern that I used for the leg warmer pattern that is available on Ravelry to download for free. 

Sunday, In the move I some how lost my swift, so this is the way that I have to wind my yarn up. It takes forever and when I have a lot of yarn to wind it seems like I will never get it done. I was winding up my latest KnitPicks order. 

Sunday Evening, I got 4 caked up, and I need o finish two more, I am planning on using this  (at least some of it if not all of it) on a sweater for me. I have been knitting accessories long enough I really want to make another sweater. I made each of the girls one when they were in elementary school and I haven’t made another one since. I really would love to make the So Faded sweater but I really just want to knit a cardigan. This is enough to make a sweater it is over 2100 yards and I love the colors. 

Monday, October 23, 2017

39 and Holding

I have never understood the term “39 and Holding”, and now that I am 39 I wonder what the big deal is all about. I guess people must have thought that it meant that the best part of their lives were over or that they wanted to hold on to the youth that they felt had passed them by. I look at is if I’ve earned it to say I’m 39. My life has had its share of ups and downs, but I have a lot to look forward to.  39 it not what it was when I was a kid. Back then 39 meant you were old, too old to do anything fun. So old that you had to act like the adult that you really are.  Well. I have determined that 39 is going to be a good year. I am going try to keep up with this year with a weekly post this year. I wanted to try to do a post everyday but I don’t want to set myself up to fail. So I am going to post once a week and them if I decided to I can post more but I am going to do a week in review posted here week to try to back into the world of blogging that I have really loved over the past 13 years. 
So here is my week in review. 
On Sunday I cast on this sock. And by Wednesday I had it finished. 
I used the afterthought heel method and was really just winging it for a pattern. I have taught so many sock knitting classes and always ended up with beautiful socks but they were always lonely as I never knit the second sock. I know the knitting teacher that always had lonely socks. 
Well I was determined not to end up with another lonely sock this time. I really love this yarn from my KnitCrate monthly kit so I was really planning on working a matching socks this time. It took me a couple of days to get it cast on but I did on Saturday on the way to Zoo Atlanta to celebrate my birthday and my oldest daughter’s birthday. Mine was Saturday and her birthday is this coming Thursday.
So off we went to the zoo and in the hour and half drive there I cast it on and this is what I have to show for it. I was very happy with myself I have never knitted a sock this fast ever.  Well on the way home I put in the waste yarn for the afterthought heel and almost worked it to the toe. 
I stopped at a Joann’s on the way home to find a sock blocker but they didn’t have one. So we stopped at my old Hobby Lobby, the one that I shopped at before we moved. They had one but not a pair. I found it in the clearance section. I also picked up a pair of project bags. I have really wanted some drawstring bags so I picked them up.  
I will use these until I can I can afford to get some of the beautiful handmade ones that are all over Instagram. 

 The Second sock is finished and blocking. I am so excited I have actually finished a pair of socks. I am using the magic loop method because I am all thumbs when it comes to DPNs. 
I finished the second sock and it is now blocking. 

Friday, October 20, 2017

It’s sock knitting time

I knit this sock up cider is would start work on my second pair. The second pair ended up being knit on smaller needles and I really liked how they were working up so I decided that this one was too loose to hold up for a long time, when you knit socks you want them to hold up because they take a long time to knit ( at least for me they do) I want them to last as many months as it took me days to knit them even though I would prefer them to last that many years. So I ripped this one out and I will start back as soon as I get the other pair completed. 

I started this one on Sunday on the way to church. I loved how tight the stitches were and how it really made the sock look like I had striped it.  
I decided to try my had with the afterthought heel because I really wanted to be able to work the heel without having to pick up so many stitches and not be able to work it in the round the whole way. 
I love how this heel worked up. It was super easy so I think that this might be my heel of shove from now own. I didn’t even drop a stitch when I was picking them up. 
I just had to try it on.  I have since blocked this one and now I just have to knit the mate.  Can’t have a pair of mismatched handknit socks. 
We are now gluten free so I just thought I would share my new favorite cookie. If you hav to go this route try them out. I found them at most of my local grocery stores. So they should be easy to find most anywhere (I hope). 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Painting Rocks

I seems like the painting rock craze is going on everywhere. So I just had to get on the bandwagon. I don't like to do things exactly like everyone else so I decided to make mine mini. All of these are not much bigger than a quarter. I love playing on a small scale so I painted these and I have a few more in the works. They are super easy and I just use a Sharpie to add details at the end. 
After I painted them I went around town to hide a few. I like the thought that they will brighten someone's day. 

They are so small I hope that people will see them. This little Candy Corn fits perfect with the fall window that I placed it in front of. 

I just love the butterfly one as well. 

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